Wednesday, July 23, 2008


After layoffs end her job at a bank, Sara finds herself looking for work futilely until a friend posts a girl Friday ad for her on a bulletin board. Instantly, she is a celebrity and has offers, some rather shady, flooding in. The job she finally takes is a good, albeit unusual one. Then,she begins a sideline, sleuthing, and that bit of moonlighting could prove to be the last career move she makes.

**** Though the story would have been stronger if the mystery angle had begun a little sooner, the plotline prior to its introduction provides valuable background information and good character development for a potential series. Breezy and fun, this is an easy to read novel, one that will have you asking for more of Sara's adventures. Though initially, I must admit to qualms from the fact that its from a very small press, which usually bodes ill for the reader, all my fears proved baseless. If a larger publisher wants to catch something good, they'll snag this. In the meantime, readers can enjoy.

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