Monday, June 30, 2008

A worthy read

Undead and Unworthy
Mary Janice Davidson
ISBN 0425221628

Whoever said "it is good to be queen" was obviously not queen of the Undead. Betsy finds the office to be one filled with constant challenges, such as having her dead evil step mother pop up to make acerbic comments while she and new husband, Sinclair, are in the middle of intimate somethings, having to raise her orphaned baby half brother, put up with the fact that her best friend's guy hates her guts simply because she's a vampire and might have used her powers on him when needed, and having the devil's goody two shoes daughter for a half sister. Then, there are the fiends, the mindless vampire zombies that she inherited after killing Nostro. Suddenly, they've regained their wits, thanks in part to her, but are they happy? No, they are out for blood, specifically, Betsy's, though they will not hesitate to go after anyone else in their way. Trying to keep her friends that are subject to death alive and help on murder cases in an effort to maintain peace with Jessica's cop boyfriend will make Bety's afterlife a little too interesting for comfort, but just right for readers.

As always, this is fun to read, though there is an added seriousness that gives the story a bit more depth and in my opinion, improves it, though there was nothing at all wrong with the unimproved plotline. Betsy's unique voice is witty and very easy to relate to. I also love it that she's in a steady, committed relationship that remains consistent throughout the series. I am not sure what the unworthy portion of the title refers to, for this is well worth your time.

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