Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Lori Handeland series, coming in November

Give yourself an early Christmas gift and put this on your list to buy.
Any Given Doomsday
Lori Handeland
St Martin's
ISBN 0312949197
Urban Fantasy

Lizzie Phoenix wanted to be a cop, but thanks to her psychic "gifts", or curses, depending on your point of view, that proved to be a nightmare, so she settled for being a P.I. It's not a client, though that gets her into her present mess. Finding the body of a friend sets off a chain of events that will test her mettle and reveal her destiny, which might be a very short lived one, as the end of the world is looming. Lizzie, though, is supposed to stop it, and has been groomed for this time so that she can. Both helped and in some ways hindered by two extraordinary in every sense of the word men who care for her, Lizzie is granted new powers and abilities as a result of her love for them. But, will being a psychic empathy wth shapeshifting and dhampiric abilities be enough to stand between the world's life and the Nephilim?

I must admit, that the new Lori Handeland book was not another Night Creatures one was initially a disappointment. However, it only took a page or two for that to be completely alleviated. Lizzie is as much of a kick butt heroine as Edward was a "hero," but with a better sense of humor. Laughs are not the only assets in this story. She has written a story that is partly based on the Bible without being preachy, but is true to the spirit of that book and is exciting at every turn. Moreover, great respect is evident for the Bible and the two religions that honor it. This new world that the author has envisioned is one that should be fascinating, complex, and almost familiar, though not quite. Discovering it will be a joy.

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