Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sherlock's smarter sister

The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan
Nancy Springer
ISBN 0399247807
YA Mystery

For several months now, Enola Holmes, youger sister to the brilliant detective Sherlock and the equally clever Mycroft, has been on the lam from her siblings, trying to find her mother and also, doing what she can to help the poor and solve mysteries. Her latest case results from the covert plea of a young woman seeking her aid in preventing a forced marriage. Though she is not sure where her client is being held, Enola is determined to help her avoid a fate worse than death. However, she has to avoid a fate that, while not as unpleasant, would chafe her. In other words, keep her brothers, whose help she will need, from catching her and ending her freedom.

Reading this made me want to find the other books in the series and read Sherlock himself for the first time. This is an intelligent, fast paced, well written series that will charm and intrigue you. Though the mystery is not a brain teaser, really, it is attention grabbing and well paced. Especially worth mentioning is the excellent characterizaation that makes you care about what happens to the people involved. I reccomend this to not only young readers, but to any Holmes fan.

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