Friday, June 20, 2008


Tempered Joy
Pamela S Thibodeaux
ISBN 193386144

Tamara and Craig's children are all grown up now; Amber with her own children and husband is making a new life and Ace is now a champion bull rider. Life seems ideal, but then tragedy strikes and tests not only the members of this tightly knit family, but also the young woman who, despite teasing and her own troubled past, loves Ace. Yet, Lexie will soon find that her love is what is needed when the Harris family stands on the brink of compounded tragedy.

Of all the books in this series, Tempered Joy is the most difficult to summarize. It is far more than an inspirational romance, for one thing, and for another, I do not want to risk giving away any of the pivotal surprises. Suffice it to say, it lives up to the title, as joy shines through despite heartaches that will make more than one fan weep, I dare say. Through it all, faith and love shine in the words, but not in a bland, falsely optimistic fashion. So often in novels, Christians face the sad moments and tough times with stoic piety that makes real Christians want to be ill because we do react badly to our hurts in this world, and not always in ways that honor our Father. Ms. Thibodeaux lets her characters be true to life without falling away from their faith. Her words are a ministry, showing any Christian who reads these books that you can come through your negative emotions even if you aren't rejoicing over the circumstances that invoked them. You will eventually be able to, with His help. She also depicts us in a way that can show non-believers we're people too.

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