Monday, April 14, 2008

Personal Demons - Stacia Kane

Personal Demons
Stacia Kane
ISBN 0809572559
Urban Fantasy

Her promises to "slay personal demons" for her listeners and patients were supposed to be only taken as a figure of speech. Despite her paranormal gift that allowed her to read minds, Megan did not really believe there were demons out there, and certainly not that they would come after her. However, she has to alter her thoughts when she begins to see them and when a friend, Greyson, turns out to be one that is trying to keep her safe from the Accuser himself. This turn of events also forces her to confront her pain filled childhood and the incident that made her a parriah in her home town. Unless she gets past that, if she survives, her future will be ruined. Of course, the trio of demon brothers assigned to keep her from becoming roadkill would rather face the legions of Hell than Greyson if they fail to make sure she lives to see tomorrow.

Ms. Kane has managed to blend eerie edginess with laugh out loud humor and just enough romance to make this a truly winning recipe for a good read. She even includes a recipe that looks interesting enough to almost tempt a vegetarian! I simply adored this story, especially the three brothers 0809572559who I cannot decide if I'd enjoy having around or if they'd drive me mad trying to "take care of me" where I their charge. Treat yourself to this when you want to smile.

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