Monday, April 28, 2008

Oceans Apart

Oceans Apart
Karen Kingsbury
ISBN 0061456713
Inspirational Mainstream

He only slipped up once in his marriage vows and his commitment to living the Christian way, but it only took one night of giving into loneliness and tempation to give Connor Evans a son that he does not know about until the boy's mother is killed in a plane crash. When lawyers contact him to inform him of the sad news and the decision he now faces, Connor must confess to cheating to his wife, Michele. Though she attempts to cope, Michele is rocked and believes her entire marriage to be stained by lies. Even as Conner and his son, Max grow closer and their daughters begin to accept him as a friend, even though they do not know the whole truth, Michele struggles with the entire situation. Has Conner gained a son to lose a marriage? What is the path God woudl have them take?

This is a book that will shake you up; Ms. Kingsbury, as usual, pulls you into the narrative and wires you into the characters' emotions. Max's simple faith, Michele's hurt reaction to being betrayed, and Conner having to face the results of his sin will all feel as real as the nose on your face. Once again, a strong Christian message is presented, but not in a wimpy way, like so many "inspirational" novels tend to do. The characters are beautifully realized with all their flaws and heartaches. Even more clear though, is God's ability to make miracles out of messes.

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