Monday, April 28, 2008


Call of the Highland Moon
Kendra Leigh Castle
Casablanca Press
ISBN 1402211589

Normally, the worst thing you have to worry about when taking in a stray is fleas, various messes, or possibly that the animal is diseased. The critter turning into a hot naked guy running both away from and towards destiny just is not something that would cross your mind, but it's what Carly gets when she takes in a rather large dog that turns out not only to be a wolf, but Gideon, a werewolf crown prince. Bound together by evil circumstances that include the weather and rival wolves and by a growing attraction for each other that goes against all the rules and logic, Carly and Gideon become involved in a power struggle and the search for an ancient artifact dating back to the time of the Patriarchs.

Weaving together romance, adventure, and lore, Ms. Castle has the start of a fantastic series here. All sorts of passionate feelings crackle to life on the pages, shifting dynamically as lycanthrope mythology is reinvented for this new world. This belongs on the keeper shelf beside Susan Krinard or Ronda Thompson's shapeshifter romances for sure.

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