Monday, April 28, 2008


The Hollow
Nora Roberts
ISBN 0515144592
Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Once upon a time, three young boys performed a dark ritual to bind their friendship, but in doing so, awakened an ancient evil that has gone on a killing spree at seven year intervals in their small hometown. As the time for its return approaches, the trio unites to stop it. Now adults, the men need their other halves, the women who are their soul mates, to help them use the powers that the ceremony bequeathed them, in order to put the chaos to an end and atone for their foolish act. Fox's resultant "gift" from that night was the ability to read minds, and in Layla, he finds a soul with a similar blessed curse. For her the emphasis is on the curse side, and she is unable to deal with having such a power, or the sudden connection she finds with this man. Despite her struggle, it is something she must learn to accept, for herself, for Fox, and for everyone she cares for's sakes.

The drama and tension continue to cast their spells over Ms. Roberts' legions of fans. Her ability to weave relationships is fantastic, and she makes the utterly unrealistic seem totally believable. You will never go wrong with one of her books, and this is not the exception to the rule.

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