Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cait London interview

Q.: Have you always wanted to write, or was it something that manifested later?

Cait: I've always been a heavy reader of everything, including epic poetry, but when I began reading romances, everything clicked. It was then I knew what I wanted to do. I think writing was a natural progression from that of painting. Stories are much like paintings in that there is a canvas, which would be all of the blank chapters and pages. There is a background and a foreground. The darks bring out the light pieces. They're actually very close, writing and painting, and you'll find very many of writers also are artists, photographers, et cetera. You can see some of my paintings at my website's studio. I think my interest in painting and photography now, also helps paint the scenes within my books, the settings acting as characters. To keep fresh, or going back to the well is to say, I drive quite a bit. I also take a lot of photographs, and hope to get some of them up on my website soon. I use my photographs as visuals for my books, but I miss painting very much. I have not had much time to do that since my writing career took off full-time.

Q.: What was your first published work?

Cait: LADY ON THE LINE, 1986. That was for Second Chance at Love, Berkley. I've written several category since then, quite a few Silhouette Desires, and single titles in romance subgenre. I've written for Berkley, Silhouette Desires/Harlequin, Dell, and the latest is Avon Books/HarperCollins. I am considered to be an “enduring” storyteller, that is, many of my stories are in reissue in the U.S. and abroad.

Q.: Do you have a favorite genre? Is there one kind of writing you would never want to do? Is there some kind you've always wanted to do, but never have?

Cait: I've written in several different romance subgenres, and have been quite happy in romance. I believe it permeates through time and our contemporary lines. On the other hand, stretching out of the comfortable is something every writer needs to do. If you don't stretch at times, your writing can become stale and you can be locked into a slot that may be difficult to leave. “Branding” is recommended for writers, to build their careers. However, “branding” also can restrict a writer’s creative growth. I’ve been lucky enough to move around within romance subgenres and still enjoy it. But I believe that every writer should “stretch” and I may in the future.

Q.: Would you like to meet any of your characters as "real people"?

Cait: Since I've been living with these characters for a period of time, I feel as if they are "living."  I have three daughters and understood much about the individual’s personality as it pertains to birth order. I basically wrote what I knew existed in my own family and extended the personalities.

Q.: Do you have a favorite book among your own?

Cait: My favorite book is always the one I am currently writing.

Q. Tell us about your current series?

Cait: The Aisling psychic triplet trilogy concerns contemporary sisters descended from an ancient Celtic seer and a Viking chieftain. Each triplet has inherited a gift she does not want; she only wants to be like every other normal woman, but she cannot deny her inheritance. Claire, the youngest and an empath, begins the series in AT THE EDGE. Tempest’s gift lies in her touch; with her naked hands she can feel the history of an object and something of those who have held it. She must wear gloves to protect herself, and her story is A STRANGER'S TOUCH. Leona, the eldest is a precognitive; she sees into the future and her visions are unwanted. She is also the oldest and considered the most powerful of the psychics, should she want to "open" herself. FOR HER EYES ONLY is an October 2008 release and ends the series. Though each book has its own individual story, there are story threads through out all three, and danger is never far away.

Q.: Will Greer get her own book?

Cait: There is much interest in Greer; however at this time I am not planning a prequel.

Q.: Do you think this series of books works better as direct sequels one to the other chronologically or more of they all exist in the same world and are related, but can be read in any order of format?

Cait: This is based on individual taste; all readers like different challenges and have different interests. These books are based on a storyline arc. That means interest builds in the first book, identifies the main characters throughout. The second book heightens the interest and danger, and the third book concludes the series, answering all questions. Not all readers like many-layered stories, rather they would prefer to read simplistic books. It's all a matter of individual reader preference as to whether they want individual completed stories within each book, or a continuation until the conclusion. For the writer, to write series in a storyline arc is a definite risk. I only hope readers will enjoy the triplets journey through their romances and danger. I believe this trilogy will be enduring and has already gone back to print for new readers.

Q.: What’s your favorite way to interact with fans? As any fan encounter particularly touched you? Freak you out?

Cait: To me, the word “fans” represents more of an interest in me personally, rather than my stories. I love talking to readers at my book signings and do carry on correspondence with some of them via e-mail. But generally, a writer's life is pretty reclusive as they create their stories. I am no different. It is always surprising and thrilling when a reader can recall an older book, the incidents, and the characters, while I have moved on to new stories, and cannot recall the same. Many of my books are reread and recalled to me continuously, and I am always pleased.

Q.: Anything else you would like to add?

Cait: I hope readers of my work will visit my extensive website to learn more about the Aisling psychic triplets and my personal involvement with their development. I am guesting on several blogs now and writing articles about the series and my work, i.e. how I get my ideas, etc. I hope readers will subscribe to my e-newsletter at my website, http://caitlondon.com. They can also enter monthly contests, check out my articles on writing, cooking, etc. I hope that readers will also write to me. I am always grateful when readers take their own time to write. A wonderful letter from a reader is an uplifting gift and encouragement.

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