Saturday, April 5, 2008

Feast of Fools, Mogranville

Feast of Fools
Rachel Caine
ISBN 0451224639
YA Paranormal

Claire is rapidly coming to learn that in Morganville, it's always darkest, and there's no dawn that the darkest is just before, and furthermore, when it's dark, that's when the vampires come out to play with humans. It need not be said that the games are not nice or fun for the humans. Though she might feel like Amelie is on the side of the angels and can harbor both fear and an odd affection for Myrnin, and even be friends with Michael Glass, for the most part, she fears the vampires, with reason. The newest one in town, Bishop, makes even Oliver, Amelie's nemesis, seem friendly. With the deadliest, most ruthless of the undead in Morganville, determined to take over, and with her parents and friends in danger from him and his minions, the risks Claire is forced to take are not just increased, but cubed. Strange alliances are made as former enemies realize that they share a common foe. As Claire struggles with all this, she still has to race against time to try and save the lives of all the local vampires from a microscopic opponent, a disease that could make the threat of Biship moot. And somewhere in all the madness, she'd love to be able to sort out her own life as well.

Even when she's not writing about the weather, Ms. Caine blows me away. Through Claire's eyes and heart, we are pulled into an intense, kinetic, and highly emotional story that with wider exposure could topple a certain wizard from his broomstick. Words can barely describe the impact of books like this, that are so filled with feeling that you almost become the characters. It is not a stand alone novel, but if you have missed the first volumes, you just need to go back and read them. Though labeled young adult book, I'd say that just means there is nothing vulgar in it. The swear words are those of low level and everyone keeps their clothes on around other people. That does not make this any less of a mature book. In fact, it is more so than some adult books.

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