Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amish romance

When Morning Comes
Cindy Woodsmall
ISBN 0739487949

After fleeing her quiet Amish community, Hannah sought to make a new life for herself among the "English." Still mourning the loss of the baby concieved in violence, she is quite lost in the new world until a kind, yet gruff and somewhat sarcastic, doctor, Martin, offers her friendship and real help. Before long, she is attending school, working, and making friends in a land she never imagined living in. Meanwhile, back at home, her first love, Paul, has seen how wrong he was about her and wants to find her, and her family is grief stricken by her disappearance. Her sister in particular has difficulty coping. As Hannah moves on, the question remains, will she ever find the past she left behind, or is the future a better direction?

This beautifully complex novel manages to be gentle and hard hitting at the same time. Hannah's story has taken an unusual twist that I did not see coming,and though unconventional, is executed so well that I hope it ends in a certain way that I'd spoil for the readers if I said more about. Ms. Woodsmall is not just one of the best inspirational authors, but one of the best.

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