Sunday, April 27, 2008


Stranger in Death
J.D. Robb
ISBN 0399154701

The humiliating death of a millionaire was supposed to look like a kinky accident, but Eve Dallas knows murder when she sees it. Though she has strong suspicions about who did it and why, there is no way to prove it as the prime suspect has an airtight alibi. Frustration only makes her determination stronger. Armed with her keen mind, her need for justice, unerring instincts, and a cadre of loyal and brilliant friends, Eve sets out to prove her theory. The key will be found in a most unusual way.

Combining the wit and class of the best and most classic detectives with a taut edge, a hint of sizzling passion, and wry humor, Ms. Robb once again proves why Eve Dallas is the best there is. Normally, I do not like futuristic stories, because they lack humanity, but Dallas breaks that rule. The strong characterizations are what keep this series working and make it, in the words of Mavis, “totally mag.” Even if you are not into novels set in anything other than the present, if you enjoy mysteries, if you enjoy having a series where the characters become cherished friends, you are cheating yourself not to invest in the entire set of these books. Invest is the right word; they are keepers.

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