Thursday, January 10, 2008

Triple treat

The Visionary
Pamela S Thibodeaux
Ensperon Press
978-1-897540-12-1 Electronic book ISBN
978-1-897540-11-4 Print book-ISBN

A professional relationship quickly turns personal for Terry Broussard and the Forrestier siblings, Taylor and Trevor. When he wants to hire their architectural firm, he is quickly impressed by Taylor's talent as an artist and decorator. Friendship is added to the working dynamic, and when a crisis rocks Taylor's world and nearly ends Trevor's life, Terry is there for the young woman. Not even when he learns the truth about the darkest secrets of her past will he turn away from her. Despite his and her strengths and personal convictions, though, there are battles ahead of them; Trevor's soul lies in jeopardy and discovering love brings Taylor and Terry into temptation as they struggle to remain pure, despite their passions.

Once again, I am struck by Ms. Thibodeaux's ability to create realistic characters and situations that both portray things the way they truly are for Christians and honor God, while never becoming graphic. While many romance writers feel it necessary for people in love to automatically say "yes," she shows that it is possible to do the right thing and in a way that can be seen as the hero and heroine being strong, not white Wonder bread milquetoasts. This story in particular tackles tough, dark gritty subjects, not the least of which being how difficult forgiveness can be. It is a true crime she is not on the NY Times bestseller list; the world desperately needs to read things like this timely, relevant tale.

Hundreds of Years to Reform a Rake
Laurie Brown
Source books
ISBN 1402210132
Ghost/Time Travel Romance

Josie Drummond finds herself not only hired by a ghost, but as part of her work, taking a trip back in time to prevent her employer, Deverell Thornton, the Ninth Earl of Waite, from meeting with a ruinous event. A modern woman in the Regency era is somewhat of a fish out of water, but with the help of Deverell the ghost and her own wits, she manages. She also begins to fall in love with the living man, Dev, who is in his own way as charming as the ghost he will become. Romance might be the angle she would like best to pursue, but there are mysteries to solve, a fraud to unmask, and she does need to decide which version of the Earl of Waite she belongs with, all before Deverell's power is exhausted and she has no hope of ever returning home.

Combining multiple unusual plot devices into a compelling romance that sweeps across the centuries, Ms. Brown gives her readers a fascinating story filled with twists and surprises, particularly the startling ending. Josie's love triangle is perhaps the one that of all literary triangles can be considered truly unique. How many people fall in love with the same man, but have to choose which version of him to be with? Though this is clearly a satisfyingly complete tale that leaves little to no room for it to become a series, readers will want to keep their eye out for more from this talented author, at least this one shall.

> Netherwood
> Michele Lang
> Shomi
> March
> ISBN 0505527596
> ****

> In the cyber world, plain Jane sheriff Talia Fortune can be Amazonia, a
> warrior woman capable of besting the Avenger in the arena. Between the two
> foes, there is respect and a definite heat that she never expects to
> encounter in the flesh and blood world. However, when assigned to check on
> affairs on the plant her uncle oversees for the family company, she will
> meet the Avenger face to face and find that his real world is far more
> dangerous and exciting than any fictional world created by circuits and
> bytes. In truth, Kovner, aka, the Avenger, is a futuristic sort of Robin
> Hood, bent on toppling those who want to enslave humanity into virtual
> existence. Though at first dedicated to her duty, as Talia learns more
> about
> what the world is, what her beloved grandmother has become, and perhaps
> most
> importantly, how much she loves the real Kovner, the Sherriff finds
> herself
> wanting to join the outlaws. Though she has never believed in souls or
> religion, as both are illegal, Talia just may have discovered hers and
> will
> have to fight to retain them.

> It's difficult to sum up this book without spoiling it. Ms. Lang's writing
> has always been superb, yet the complexity of this plot and the
> relationships she has made integral to its furtherance shows that she is
> light years ahead of the game. Though there are elements of Robin Hood,
> the
> Matrix, Braveheart, and the Prisoner, just to name a few things implied in
> the text, they are freshly blended into something new that will challenge
> your mind and keep you hooked. Unrealized elements in all the implied
> archetypical stories are brought into a fuller, better focus than they
> have
> been before in other media. Particularly enjoyable is the realization and
> exploration of what it means to be human and possess a soul.

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