Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moonstruck - NOT the movie, much better


Susan Grant



ISBN 0373772599



After years of warfare, enemies are now forced by a peace treaty to work together. This chafes Admiral Brit Bandar, aka, Stoneheart, who can hardly believe barbarians could ever be anything but foes to be despised. Yet, when she meets her newly assigned counterpart from the Drakken Horde, Finn Rorkken, a man who strongly resembles her late husband, the man whose death turned her into a stone hearted soldier, she is shaken. By necessity and passion, the two who would have not long ago killed each other, find themselves discovering a passion that gets past both of their defenses. Meanwhile, her personal assistant is finding that a backward Earthling has much to teach her, especially about love, as two much more innocent people make an equally reluctant journey to first romance. Even as love begins though, its opposite still seethes out there, seeking an opportune moment to disrupt all the good that has been accomplished.

Though there is plenty of action, what is most intriguing about this novel are the emotions that drive it. Brit and Finn's healing process is beautiful to see, as is Hadley's awakening to the joy of love and her determination to only give herself to the man who is the One for her. Many times, futuristic novels seem cold and heartless. Happily, this one DOES NOT. It's all heart and soul.

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