Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No Mystery why this is a winner- Oblivious

Cyndia Dupre
ISBN 978-1-59426-723-9

When Tucker Monroe needs an alibi after a woman he spent a slight amount of time with is killed, Olivia Chatham is his salvation, but the slightly daffy seeming, much married young woman is not content to just do that for him. Convinced not only of his innocence, but that Tucker is nursing a broken heart that seeing justice for the woman he loved done can help heal, Olivia sets out to solve the case, with Tucker and her sister in reluctant tow. As he works with her, Tucker realizes she might be different, but it's a good different, and she's far brighter than she lets on. Despite his anti-marriage stance, Olivia gets to him. However, as the case unravels, things get dangerous and the future turns iffy.

This is a laugh out loud masterpiece. Whilly clean, it intrigues you and keeps you smiling from beginning to end. Olivia is utterly charming and I hope this is only her first outing as a sleuth. I love this book and it goes on my virtual keeper shelf.

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