Friday, January 11, 2008

Dead End Dating

Your Coffin or Mine
Kimberly Raye
ISBN 0345492188
Paranormal chick lit

Countess Lil's plate is full trying to keep her credit cards paid down enough to continue with her steady shopping therapy trips without humiliation, keep her parents off her back about providing pure blood grandchildren, trying to help her brother's wedding to the mortal Mandy come off while appeasing her mother who wants Lil to match said brother with another born vampire, and now, she needs to find Ty, the made vampire bounty hunter she has fallen for, albeit unwisely, and who is captive and mentally asking her for help. Vicariously feeling his pain is only added incentive to accomplish the goal, but she genuinely cares for him, even if the relationship should not be pursued. As Ty's time runs out, Lil keeps on searching, not counting the cost, much, and running into trouble.

Making a date with Dead End Dating means you have room in your schedule for mental fun. Lil and her cohorts keep you chuckling, even in high tension moments. Just relax and have another bite of brain candy.

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