Sunday, January 13, 2008

A book for thinkers

Beyond Opinion
Ravi Zacharias, Editor/contributing author
ISBN 0849919681
Christian living/apologetics

If you are Christian and one of your resolutions for the year is to put your mind on an exercise regimen, then heads up; this book belongs in your routine. For the past few decades, our faith has faced a plethora of challenges that truly make the task of apologetics almost live up to the name the word implies to the uninformed, that we are apologizing for being Christian. Whether it is from post-modern relativism, Islam, atheism, New Age and Eastern religions, science, or what have you, the Way is under constant attack, and we must have some help in dealing with this, both on a personal and practical level. Mr. Zacharias and a team of co-writers, many of whom are familiar to regular listeners of his Just Thinking segmnet, tackle these issues in a manner that is highly intellectual and yet accessable to even a reader with only a high school diploma. Drawing on philosophy, science, and pure reason, the case is made for Christianity in such a way as to set you on fire for evangelism because you now have a more sure arsenal of defense, and to give you a fresh confidence if you had to face any doubts in your own heart. This is a book to get two or more copies of, for you will want to share it and not risk losing it to absent minded friends.

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