Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sons of Destiny IV Evanor's story The Song

The Song
Jean Johnston
ISBN : 0425219291

The loss of Evanor's magical voice was a devastating blow to the Sons of Destiny and their growing family. Not only do they mourn the affliction from simple decency, but Evanor's gift was a powerful and useful magic for them all. Because of this, they seek out and bring Mariel, a beautiful, young widow with a son, to their forbidden island. It is apparent soon that not only is she the singer's best hope, but his destiny as well. Despite his handicap, the two are able to communicate well enough to fall in love. However, all is not sunshine; those on the mainland still regard the Sons with fear and anger, necessitating once more that Queen Kelly's realm be defended for its right to exist.

Ms. Johnston's imaginative world continues to be fascinating as it develops. Though Kelly and Saber are my favorite of the matched sets thus far, Evanor is the best sort of beta hero, one that manages to be gentle, yet masculine all at once, bringing to mind the old proverb about gentleness being the greatest proof of strength. I also enjoy the inventions that the family of heroes and their ladies come up with to make life easier on the Isle. Though it's hard to believe, this series is halfway over, and as anxious as I am to see Morg meet his match, I'll hate to see the final chapter close.

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