Friday, January 25, 2008

Getting free of your problems

Get Out of that Pit
Beth Moore
Thomas Nelson
ISBN 1591455529
Christian Living/Self help

Let me begin by saying the term self-help might be the closest term to apply to this book in secular terms, but it is NOT a self help book; it's a getting God's help book. If you have tried the Secret, to have your "best life now," find your purpose, or have a positive attitude by using what amounts to the Music Man method- just telling yourself to be happy, you have by now found they don't work. This is what you've been searching for, or at least the first step to getting there. In a folksy, yet powerful fashion, Mrs. Moore gives her readers hard hitting reality about how everyone at some point in their life finds themselves arriving in a pit, whether they just got there accidentally, were shoved in, or dove in with their eyes open. She makes it clear that God alone can get you out of there and how surrendering to Him and cooperating with Him is the only rope that will get you free. The back of the book even offers a mini workbook so that you can on your own go through with scriptural prayers and questions designed to help you think about what you've read. Unlike some bestsellers in the "self help" genre, this one is replete with the Bible. Maybe you can't get to a Beth Moore study or you're a guy and would feel like a duck out of water among a few hundred women. This is a good substitute or supplement.

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