Monday, January 21, 2008

Delightful Double post

Thanks to feeling cruddy and rain, here's two hightly rec'd reads.

Kitty and the Silver Bullet
Carrie Vaughn
Grand Central
ISBN 0446618756

The saying goes you can't go home again, and if you are a banished werewolf, this is doubly so. However, when her Mom is diagnosed with cancer, Kitty will defy the laws and everyone who would stand in her way to be there for her family. Of course, she finds herself in trouble. Between landing in a war between two vampires battling for local supremacy and becoming the incentive for other werewolves to defy the abusive Alphas of her former pack, Kitty and her new lover have their hands more than full, and this time, Cormac can't bail her out, since he's in jail. It's time for her to learn what she's made of, no matter what.

True to life, human drama and supernatural pathos are intricately woven into perhaps the most intense, compelling, and fascinating of all the Kitty books. Though there is less humor, given the situations, Kitty is one of the best characters to hit the scene, and the two men in her life, especially Cormac, continue to provide added depth to the mix without getting up to one's chin in angst.

Morning Light
Catherine Anderson
ISBN 0451222776

Loni McEwan's life was shattered by the consequences of her psychic gift two years ago, but when a new vision points her in the right direction to find a lost, missing boy, she follows her instincts and reaches out the the one man her talent says can pull off the rescue, Clint Harrigan, a devout non-believer in psychic mumbo-jumbo - until faced with proof that she's for real. Soon, the somewhat antagonistic pair find themselves working as a team in the wilderness, fighting the elements, the odds, and an attraction that neither was prepared to discover as they race time to save a life.

It may be impossible for Ms. Anderson to write a bad book. Though technically, this would not be shelved on the Christian fiction aisle, Loni and Clint's strong moral convictions formed by their faith make it an excellent book for all put the most Puritanical Christian readers. Even those put off by the, as some people call it, "weird" stuff, i.e., ESP, that element, though vital, is not a prepossessing issue for the most part. What makes this book are the characters and their building relationship set against the background of a life or death quest.

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