Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vampire in my dreams

Vampire In My Dreams
Terry Spear
ISBN 1-59998-666-3
YA Paranormal


Ironically, it is when Marissa is hunting vampires that she meets her soul mate, who happens to be almost a vampire. Dominic has one shot at escaping a dark destiny, and the moment he sees Marissa, he knows she is the key to his return to being a normal human. Fortunately or unfortunately, Marissa is not a plain vanilla human; she's a witch, so he can't compel her cooperation, he has to win it. As soon as she truly comprehends what danger he is in and begins to love him, Marissa can't do otherwise, though, even if she is ticked about a slip up that could doom her as well. With time running out, the young couple has to defeat the dangerous female who sired Dominic or lose their souls forever.

Anyone who loves vampire stories should get this, regardless of their age. The legends are updated and reinvented with a fresh spin that holds your interest from the outset. There is just enough angst and tension to give this book an edge, yet light moments keep it from being dark or grim in any way. This is a world I'd gladly revisit. Ms. Spears' characters are believable, even with their gifts and powers, making them easy to care about.

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