Monday, May 19, 2008

Ten Best Days of My Life - Debut Author

The Ten Best Days of My Life
Adena Halpern
ISBN 0452289408
Fantasy/Women's fiction

Struck down while walking her dog at four a.m., Alex finds herself instantly in the Seventh Heaven where life could hardly get any better as far as she's concerned. Everything that was good but had drawbacks on Earth is now completely without negative implications. Love, clothes, food, you name it, it's there to enjoy. Then, she gets the news that her time there is limited unless she passes an entrance essay exam that is to recount the ten best days of her life. Though the ones she chooses often seem mundane, even in her own estimation, the journey of self discovery is anything but.

This is one of those books that should be bland and boring, but instead is touching, funny, and just works. I will admit that if I judged it on theology, it would get an F on its portrayal of Heaven as a place of sensual delight, not one where you enjoy God forever. That aside, the message of love, not romantic love, but a deeper kind, is one that will make you long to hug someone, especially if they are in Heaven now. This may be a comedy, but I value the tears it brought to me even more than the laughter, they were the good kind of tears.

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