Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Deja Demon
Julie Kenner
Berkley Trade
ISBN 0425221903
Urban fantasy

Life can be complicated for your average suburban housewife, this is true, but for Kate Connor, that is triply true, maybe more. First of all, she lives a double life, juggling being a wife and mother with keeping the world safe from demons. She also has her daughter, Allie, to train as a potential hunter and a faux grandfather-in-law retired hunter helping her. Kate's other partner in demon hunting is the major complication in her world; though the world knows him as David, a mild mannered high school science teacher, she knows he is her first husband, her soul mate, Eric, back from the dead in a different body and wanting his family back. She does love her present husband, but the old attraction is there. All this drama is going on, along with her present husband's attempts to be elected to public office, trying to keep her activities and her other husband secret from him, and dealing with zombies, a demon war, and ancient prophecies.

This is easily among the very best of urban fantasy. There is a lot to laugh at, but the serious events are what will hold your attention and make Kate Connor's world beloved. The issues she wrestles with are so compelling that it is frustrating for a book to end. I can hardly wait to learn more. Each one gets better and better and Deja Demon will have you on the edge of your seat with suspense, laughing, and crying all in the too brief time it takes to finish it.

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