Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Author: Amy Wallace
Title - Healing Promises

Clint Rollins is used to danger, even to putting his life at risk, but when he is shot and discovers that the true enemy lies within his own body, cancer, the agent finds himself in a new war. Complicating factors include the fact that Sara, his wife, while supportive, feels extreme guilt for not seeing the signs sooner and a former enemy who wants revenge on them both. Battling this evil man, his body, and his emotions puts Clint's strong faith to the ultimate test and he wonders if God abandoned him or if there can be truth behind the promises of healing?

**** Anyone who has ever witnessed a loved one go through this or lived through a debilitating disease, cancer or other, may find this uncomfortable reading as Ms. Wallace has captured the emotional turbulence of the situation and the Job like feelings of martyrdom perfectly. Balancing out the melancholy is the suspense plot that is only enhanced by the more common but no less threatening danger. ****

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