Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Lies in Shadow

What Lies in Shadow
Tina Wainscott
St Martin's
ISBN 0312941641
Romantic Suspense

For weeks, Jonna has been living a dual life, in reality being a "desperate housewife" in a fizzling marriage, and in the virtual world, venting her frustrations and fantasies in a blog as the mysterious, adventress, Montene. When she finally decided to cheat, she chooses a man who has commented on her blog and the nightmares begin. Before Jonna can follow through with her worst inclinations, she finds herself falling in love with her husband who has turned into a kinder, more open man and on the other side of the coin, becoming terrified of her would be lover, Dom. Determined to have her, he sets out on a course that threatens to wreck the marriage she now cherishes and possibly worse. As the situation grows darker and more twisted, Jonna discovers that she does not know who to trust and with no one to turn to.

If you love a challenging, complex thriller, then this is exactly what you need to buy. Ms. Wainscott builds the tension perfectly. As various characters reveal their true faces, even things you might half suspect become shocking. Ever since she began writing fun, sweet paranormals, I've considered every word of hers a keeper. This book only cements that opinion.

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