Thursday, February 28, 2008

Experieincing the Resurrection

Experiencing the Resurrection
Henry and Mel Blackaby
ISBN 1590527577
Christian Living

Though Easter is the turning point of history, those whose life stems from the event it marks, the resurrection of Christ and the beginning of a new world, often fall short of enjoying the new life His gift has granted them. Respected teacher, Henry Blackaby, and his son, Mel, address this problem and explain how readers can change that in their own lives, with God's power. Among the topics addressed, you will find a concise apologetic for the Christian faith, explanations of what it means to experience the gifts of the resurrection, and what might be handicapping your life in Christ. After you complete this book, you will know that hope, joy, peace, and many other spiritual benefits await you in Christ, and with His grace, you will come to live out those blessings. Unlike many Christian living books, this is not a "self help"' guide, but something that points you towards getting real help, aid only God can give you. In effect, it links up the two verses, "Without Me (Christ Jesus) you can do nothing," and "I (Jesus) have come that you might have life, and have in more abundantly." You will have your best life now, by trusting in Him.

Note - Email me for a chance to win this book. Contest closes March 24. See purchase link in the Feb. 27 posting.

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