Thursday, February 21, 2008


A Season of Strangers
Kat Martin
ISBN 0778325547

A day at the beach turns into a pivotal moment for two sister, Julie and Laura, especially Julie. For a moment, time freezes and they are taken from the world, but when the moment is over, they do not quite know what happened. In a seemingly separate event, Julie's boss, Patrick Donovan, the man she has loved from afar has a heart attack that should have killed him, despite his youth. Yet, somehow, he not only survives, but seems reborn. No longer is he a drunken, addicted playboy, but now lives cleanly and is exactly the right sort of man to love Julie and for her to safely give her heart to. Changed or not, Patrick has to face the consequences of his past, consequences that might prove deadly for both he and the woman he loves. However, since he is not truly Patrick, but an alien who has borrowed his body for a short time, he has little to risk, except to his heart.

Ms. Martin has written perhaps her most fascinating and complex novel to date. Adventure is mingled with heart touching and rending moments. I loved the movie Starman and even the novelization of it, and this not only compares to but surpasses it. Definitely put it on your TBR list, even if you don't normally read alien books.

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