Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Incarnations 8

Under a Velvet Cloak
Incarnations of Immortality VIII
Piers Anthony
ISBN 9781594262944

Kerena finds herself being given to Morley, a wise, magical man who offers her a better future than the life of poverty her family suffers, and teaches her much; logic, magic, and love. When he is abruptly taken from her, a quest to find him begins that will lead her into brothels, to becoming part of the Arthurian legend, to vampires, and then on a quest of cosmic proportions where she will meet Death, War, Time, Nature, Fate, the Devil, and Good Incarnates. She will also learn her role in life and find herself trying to save creation itself.

Even if you pick up this book first and have not read the other seven; if that's so, shame on you, they are a must read for fans of fantasy, you can follow what is going on with no trouble. This story will give you a fresh appreciation for all the others and insights into them that may make you want to go back and read them all again. Saying more would spoil too much of the story, though I will say that toward the end, the timeline issues did rather remind me of Bearing an Hourglass.

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