Monday, December 31, 2007

Her Eyes

Her Eyes
Jennifer Cloud and Regan Taylor
Amira Press
Romantic Suspense/Paranormal

As she attempts to end her husband, Frank's, life violently, his dog attacks the beautiful Catherine, destroying her best asset, her face, in the process. Yet, a facial transplant and Frank's love seem to work a transformation in Catherine. Now, scarred and with varicolored eyes, she seems to be a new woman, one who loves him and is kind. However, Frank soon discovers that the "new" Catherine is not totally Catherine or totally new. When her eyes go from being one blue and one green to two blue ones, there's trouble ahead. Two souls battle for the right to her body and to a life, and if Catherine wins, all Hell will break loose.

I can almost certainly guarantee you have not read a story like this before. Excellent suspense and an intriguing concept blend perfectly. I can also hardly believe two people wrote it, so well do their voices unite; which, considering the subject, has a bit of irony inherent in that fact. Many people avoid small press releases, but this is one you should not miss.

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