Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes
Katie Macalister
ISBN 0451222547

Aisling Grey's life just keeps getting more complicated. She's supposed to be just a Guardian, but as it turns out, she's far more than that; the mate of two Dragon Lords of different septs, one she is trying to plan a wedding to and the other she'd just as soon be without, she's also a demon lord by accident, and somehow has become a Prince of Hell. The last one has put her on the outs with the Guardians, now she has to get a proscription against herself lifted and try to get out of being a Prince. Yet, the lure of evil is constantly niggling at her to use her power and the wedding is complicated by all her issues, including sept politics. Add to that that she's expecting, and you can see why Aisling's on overload.

Fun paranormal romance has several Co-queens, and Ms Macalister definitely is one of them. Aisling's adventures are a mental feast that is the sure cure for a face that lacks a smile. Her entire supporting cast is one you will look forward to experiencing anew with each book. There is warmth, and not just from the dragons. You can feel her love of her people and you will share it.

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