Sunday, September 7, 2008

CS Lewis

Yours, Jack
C.S. Lewis
Harper One
ISBN 0061240591
Biographical, Inspirational

C.S. Lewis was famous for the amount of time he spent composing letters and answering his mail. Every day brought dozens of pieces of fan mail and other correspondence that he spent hours dealing with daily. In this volume, we get to see the results of this time, the author's unvarnished heart and mind, not polished for publication. His questions and search for deeper answers as he pursued his Christian life, his personal concerns, his hopes, and his sorrows are all exposed for us to see and share in. Through this medium, we get insight into his professional writing and into the life of one of the twentieth century's most influential philosophers. We also gain much in the way of Christian instruction in a very readable format. This is a must for any fan of Lewis and Narnia.

Saturdays with Stella

Saturdays with Stella
Allison J Pittman
ISBN 1601421397

Owning an unruly dog can be a challenge, but for the author, it proves to be one of the best things that ever happened to her. When she takes her dog, Stella, to obedience classes, Allison begins to reflect on how like the canine she can be in relation to her Master, God. Through watching Stella's lessons and applying them to her spiritual life, she gleans lessons that are applicable to us all, such as sitting at the Master's feet, staying, letting go, and more. Pet owner or not, you'll discover something new that will help you as you walk with God.